Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Bit About Life

English: Dennets idea of mind and conscious ex...

I have done things in my life that have caused some people pain.  Other people have caused me pain in my life.  One of the truths of life seems to be that we all suffer and cause suffering in life.  It is unavoidable from the richest and mightiest to the most humble, sorrow, pain, and unhappiness are inevitable.  That’s life.
I don’t harbor any ill-will toward anyone in life, no matter what may have happened between us.  I wish everyone well and that you will get exactly what you need when the time is right.  I believe you will, too.  Because that’s the way life works.  We get what we need at the perfect time, though it may not seem that way to us.

The thing is, consciousness has parts.  Multiplicity is a hard concept to understand, but to sum it up, you have three parts including your Higher Self. You are your Higher Self and actually exist in multiple domains. Here on earth, in our human bodies, in the electro-magnetic domain,  we use our conscious mind and subconscious mind to try to live our lives as best we can.  Our Higher Consciousness, what I call our “Loved Ones,” is the organizing and creative force in our lives and our world.  Our Loved Ones exist in the magneto-electric domain. We don’t have direct control over it, but it does have control over us if it is necessary.  Though it can intervene in our lives, it seldom does, preferring to allow us to grow and mature through our experiences on earth.  The purpose of life is the growth and maturation of the three parts, the Higher Self, conscious, and subconscious mind and the retention of those lessons and experiences in our immortal souls.
The three parts of each human being’s consciousness, a. the Higher Self, Loved Ones,b. the conscious mind, and c. the subconscious, are all maturing and growing and are at different stages in their development.  It is similar to how the parent-child, family, relationship works.  Even though higher consciousness is more developed and wiser than our own conscious and subconscious, it is still learning lessons. Like a good parent who allows his or her child to live his or her life and learn the lessons of life, our Loved Ones usually allow us to experience the joy and pain and sorrow in life, knowing that we only learn when we are forced out of our comfort zones.

Our Loved Ones are wise and provide us with a wide range of experiences that allow us the opportunity to grow and learn and hopefully mature.  Part of the maturing process is coming to the realization that life is perfect, we get exactly what we need to become who we are meant to be, and every act is an act of love from our own Higher Self.  When we let go of bitterness and anger and realize that we have gotten gifts in many ways, then we can move on and experience the true joy of living.  To get a better understanding of what I mean, perhaps you should read “Two Dreams”.

As I said at the beginning of this, there have been times when I have been hurt in life and times when I have hurt other people.  For many years I have been angry and even hated some people, but now I realize that my life has been perfect and that my own Higher Self suffered through everything I suffered through, just as we as parents suffer through our own children’s ups and downs.

If I could go back in time and undo the things I did that hurt other people, I wouldn't   I don’t like pain and suffering and don’t like to see pain or suffering.  I don’t like to think that I have caused it.  But I also know that those experiences were meant to be and that life is perfect.  You are in the process of learning from your experiences just as I am.  So whatever happened between us in the past is part of our life path.  We can learn from it and move on or remain bitter and let it eat us up inside.  I know you will eventually see it as the gift that it is, though it was painful at the time.  It is just a matter of perception.

Sometimes the things I write here are silly and poorly punctuated.  That is part of my personality.  Other things I write are complex and difficult for some people to understand.  Like all human beings, I am multi-faceted. 

As long as you hang onto the anger and pain and bitterness you will continue to suffer.  That is your choice, not mine.  I wish you all the happiness, joy, and peace that exists in abundance for you in our beautiful universe.  I once loved you as a lover and now love you as a fellow human being and child of our Loved Ones. Go in peace.

Thursday, August 16, 2012's a jungle

It's funny how big box retailers continue to get raked over the coals while major online retailers still seem immune to the vitriol often aimed at their brick and mortar counterparts. Memes like the one below catch fire easily on social media, but somehow people equate this to Wal-mart and not Amazon

But Amazon are the good guys, right? I mean, any store can list their products on Amazon, so what a great avenue for being able to sell your product!

What most people don't realize is that for most product categories a retailer pays 15% of their sale back to Amazon. Now, if you retail most products these days, that's likely most or all of your profits. Given the number of retailers using Amazon, and the fact that as a smaller "mom and pop" online retailer you don't do nearly the volume of the same brick and mortar big box stores everyone hates (which also sell on Amazon) there's almost no way to make money anymore as a little guy.

Just something to think about the next time you talk smack about Target or Wal-mart and then go buy an Amazon gift card. As with anything these days, if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Birthdays, Music and Such

Sunday Morning

As time marches on, I've found that my children's birthdays and my wedding anniversaries make me feel quite a bit older than do my own birthdays. This in mind, I feel older today than I did on Saturday. Why?

Because Child 1 had a birthday on Sunday, that's why. He turned 13 at about 2:00 that morning, an annual event that magnifies my own oldness quite a bit more sharply than does that of his sister, Child 2. He had a couple of friends spend the night on Saturday, one of whom had moved out of town several months ago. They had a jolly good time, staying up too late and generally making an awful racket.

Not that awful, though.

On Sunday, the weather was beautiful. Children 1 and 2 spent nearly the entire day outside, leaving me and the wife with the house more or less to ourselves. We listened to music and played Scrabble and Cribbage, we cooked - actually, she cooked while I tried to keep out of her way - we talked, and generally we just enjoyed each other's company. We also- I'll just leave it at that, but note once again that we had the house more or less to ourselves.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Reggae and Caribbean Music

Cover of "Blackboard Jungle"

The sin of the western experience of Jamaican music is the use of the term Reggae, as this album contains no reggae music at all. It's electronic, it's jam-band, it's toasting, and it's the history of Jamaican music up to that point.

Listening to the record it's striking just how close this comes to a minimalist/ambient record, the only real difference is the use of organic instruments and tape splicing as opposed to programming.

It takes a couple of times of listening to Blackboard Jungle Dub just to get use to the left channel / right channel / center channel mixing, which, while marvelous in itself, distracts from the music (at least on headphones).

On Side B we see where Perry would quickly be going: random/nonsense sounds over lazy, thumping tracks, vocals fading in and out ... giving the listener the feel of forward progression when really the tracks spin in circles (I mean that as a complement).

Can it function as background music? Absolutely, and that's not a jab, it's more to illustrate the grooves and the trancey-ness of it all. But it is also engaging head music, with plenty to offer a devoted set of ears.

J.'s Review: Multiple Positions

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dark & Matteo D 'The Love Dimension (Meik Re-Work)' (Smilax Italy )
John Spring 'Lava Lava (Original Mix)' (Sub Static)
MST 'In Acid' (White Label)
Funkwerkstatt 'Windrose (Original Mix)' (Casagrande)
Ajowan 'Pepperjuice' (Yellow Tail)
Dirty South & MYNC Project 'Everybody Freakin (Piemont Remix)' (CR2)
Donk Boys 'CP Styre (Original Mix)' (Frankie)
Monoman 'The Ambush (Original Mix)' (White Label)
Joris Voorn & Edwin Oosterwal 'Cliché (Original Mix)' (Rejected)
Unknown Artist 'Guess What' (White Label)
F.L.G. 'Unknown With Eddie Amador Vocal' (White Label)
Samuel L Session 'The Stick Up (Sls Remix 2) (Klap Klap)
Mastiksoul 'The Doctor (Original Mix)' (White Label)
Mihalis Safras 'Sabbath (Mark Broom Jack Mix)' (Mikrowave)
Beckers & D-Nox ' Shanghai (Original Mix)' (Electribe)
Jona & Nutownprojekt 'Ashes & Dust (Original Mix)' (Resopal Red)
Gianluca Motta ' Tokyo ' (We Love Muzik)
John Acquaviva,David Amo & Julio Navas 'Ethanol (Original Mix)' (Full Force/Fresco)
Api ' Lunch Box (D.Lewis & Emix Club Mix)' (Antibemusic)
Chus & Gelderblom 'Join Ur Handz' (Stereo Spain )
Funkerman & F.L.G.'Pressure Booty' (White Label)
F.L.G. & Funkerman '3 Minutes To Explain' (White Label)
John Dahlback 'Everywhere (D.O.N.S. Meets DBN In The Box Remix) (Joia Records)
Mobbing 'Open Legs (Original Mix)' (Pump-Kin)
Underworld 'Born Slippy (F.L.G.' Slippy Mix)' (White Label)






Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Seb Fontaine EM Saturday 20th October

M O'donnel & M. Salvatori 'Halo 3 Intro (Finish The Fight)
Lil Louis 'French Kiss (08 Seb F & Blanco Rerub )' (FFRR)
Sessomatto 'Moving On (Akabu 4am Mix)' (Z Records)
Usol 'So Get Up' (White Label)-
Fish Go Deep 'The Cure And The Cause (Cube Guys Mix)' (Strictly Rhythm)
Reflekt 'Need Your Love (Dub)' (White Label)
Welton And Rhythm Code 'Sex People (James Harcourt Mix)' (White Label)
Seb Fontaine And Jay P 'Twisted Frequencies' ( Mono-Type)
Tracy Thorn ' Grand Canyon (Dub)' (Virgin)
Unknown Artist 'Wikid (Mark Mendes Tech Mix) (White Label)
Lil Louis 'I Called You' (Accapella) (FFRR)
Jon Dahlback 'Evrywhere (Harry Choo Choo Mix)' (Joia)
Pryda 'Muranyi (Paolo Mojo Edit)' (Pryda)
James Harcourt 'Schadenfreude' (Digital Distortions)
David Ferrero 'Love Forum (D Formation Mix)' (Digital Freak)
Axwell 'Submariner' (Axtone)
Josh Gabriel ' Summit ' (Organized nature)
Seblanco 'All This Shit' (White Label)
Butch 'On The Line (Oxia Dub) (Ego)
ATFC 'Mothership' ( Mark Knight Mix) (Toolroom)
Smith & Selway 'Transit Time (Dubfire Mix)' (Sino)
Eric Prydz 'Aftermath' (Pryda)
Underworld 'Dark & Long' (Junior Boys Own)
Superbass 'Solution' (Seb Fontaine & Alex Blanco Mix) (Toolroom)

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