Monday, August 6, 2012

Birthdays, Music and Such

Sunday Morning

As time marches on, I've found that my children's birthdays and my wedding anniversaries make me feel quite a bit older than do my own birthdays. This in mind, I feel older today than I did on Saturday. Why?

Because Child 1 had a birthday on Sunday, that's why. He turned 13 at about 2:00 that morning, an annual event that magnifies my own oldness quite a bit more sharply than does that of his sister, Child 2. He had a couple of friends spend the night on Saturday, one of whom had moved out of town several months ago. They had a jolly good time, staying up too late and generally making an awful racket.

Not that awful, though.

On Sunday, the weather was beautiful. Children 1 and 2 spent nearly the entire day outside, leaving me and the wife with the house more or less to ourselves. We listened to music and played Scrabble and Cribbage, we cooked - actually, she cooked while I tried to keep out of her way - we talked, and generally we just enjoyed each other's company. We also- I'll just leave it at that, but note once again that we had the house more or less to ourselves.

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