Friday, January 18, 2013

Savannah Bound for Jessica's Wedding

Tybee Island Lighthouse
Tybee Island Lighthouse (Photo credit: cmh2315fl)
This week I began packing for my cousin Jessica’s wedding in Savannah, Georgia next weekend. I can’t describe how much I’m looking forward to heading south. I’ve never been to Savannah before, and I’ve heard really wonderful things about the city’s architecture, history and charm. Jessie somehow managed to book her wedding outside on Tybee Island, with a reception in a large lighted tent on the Historic Lighthouse Grounds. Hopefully the weather will be nice for it, I can imagine the views (and Jessica!) will be beautiful. 

Yesterday I went to the camera shop to buy a new digital SLR to capture everything in the best quality possible. I’ve needed a new camera for quite some time, and I figure now is as good a time as ever to own one. I also bought 10 disposable cameras to scatter on reception tables for guests to take advantage of. I know Jessica loves the element of surprise… but too many surprises the day of her wedding could be stressful. I figure she’ll love not knowing exactly what her friends and loved ones captured on camera until after the film is developed.

Grandpa, Heather, Will and I are staying at the Double Tree in Savannah’s Historic District. It’s very conveniently located next to the Savannah City Market and a couple blocks over from River Street. It also has a pool, which will be nice to take advantage of now that I don’t have to worry about Grandpa getting in and out of the water without a pool lift. I’ve been on too many vacations before where he made me feel guilty for swimming without him when they only had cement stairs. 

Anyway, the hotel seems nice enough and I think it will work out well overall. I would have preferred staying at one of the fancy local hotels, like the Mansion on Forsyth Park, but they were all pretty pricey and the trip is expensive as it is. Will and I agreed we’d rather have the spending money to go out downtown and possibly extend our stay for a basketball game at the University of Georgia. If Will were planning our vacations, I think he’d schedule them around every college basketball game within three hours of our destination. I’m pretty sure he’s been wearing the Georgia Bulldogs fleece I bought him for Hanukkah every other day for several weeks now… he’s lucky I still love him.

I hope the coming week passes quickly. I can’t wait for all the festivities, and it will be nice to see some of our family and friends we missed over the holidays for such a joyous occasion. I hope your new year is off to as great a start as mine is! 

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